Sales Tax Calculator

This online sales tax calculator will help you calculate price of a product including the sales tax. You can also solve for the dollar amount of tax and the cost of the product without the sales tax. This calculator works as well for VAT or GST calculations.


Sales Tax/ VAT Calculation Formula

If S is the selling price without sales tax, T is the sales tax rate in percentage, T$ is the sales tax in dollar amount, and Stax is the selling price including the sales tax, then
T$ = S*T/100
Stax = S+T$
Stax = S*(1+T/100)

In the calculator shown below, the first field is for Selling price without tax, the second field is for Tax rate (%) and the third field is for Selling price including tax.

Find Stax

Stax = 54, T$ = 4

Find S

S = 50, T$ = 4

Find T (%)

T% = 8%, T$ = 4

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